Twenty years of Champions Tennis for Bahrami - Champions Tennis

Mansour Bahrami has participated at Champions Tennis every year since the inaugural event in 1997, entertaining fans with his trick shots and rapid-fire banter with both players and spectators. The popular Iranian sat down with on his 20th year of playing this event, reflecting on his best memories of competing against generations of tennis legends.

What are some of your favorite matches that you’ve played over the past 20 years at Champions Tennis?

There have been many of them since this venue is so special and unique. It’s been a great pleasure for me to play here these past 20 years. I think I’ve played with all of the legends at this point!

I always loved playing against Ilie Nastase, Peter McNamara, Mats Wilander. There was one year I played doubles with Boris Becker against John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg. There are lots of good memories from here.

Has the tournament evolved since you first started playing here?

The venue has always been the same, except for one year when we played in Olympia (London) because Cliff Richard had booked the venue two or three years in advance. But now we’ve had great organisers in place for so long and I know exactly what I have to do here. Everything is very smooth.

What makes the atmosphere at Champions Tennis different from other venues you’ve played in?

The audience is fantastic here. They have a very good knowledge of the game. And now after 20 years, there are some people who come specifically to see me, which is very emotional. I just hope that I can keep doing this for a few more years.